ProForce® Lightning Shin Guard Buying Guide

The history of shin guards dates back to the ancient Roman and Greek era when the warriors wore heavy bronze shin guards as part of the overall armor in battle. In modern times, shin guards are worn for protective purposes, especially in martial arts and contact sports, like football, baseball, and ice hockey. The use of shin guards in these activities is of paramount importance as participant safety is a leading concern. Shinbones are considered to be one of the most sensitive bones. Before engaging in any sparring, game, or competition (if shin guards are allowed), it is prudent to ensure that you have the right protective gear, like the ProForce Lightning Shin Guard, for your shins. You should also have a proper understanding of the sporting gear before purchasing them. In soccer, shin guards protect the shins from kicks, other knocks, and if the shin guard is strong, tackles.

Getting the Right Fit

Shin guards come in various sizes and lengths. When buying shin guards, make sure that it fits well to your shin. If it does not fit, it will likely compromise your performance. Loose guards can even lead to unexpected injuries, as they rotate around the leg or move up and down when running or jogging. You can only purchase the guards that fit you well if you know the shin and sizing measurements as provided below:

  • Ch-Medium: 10 inches long 5 inches wide
  • Ch-Large: 11 inches long and 5.5 inches wide
  • Small: 11.5 inches long and 6 inches wide
  • Medium: 12 inches long and 6 inches wide
  • Large: 13 inches long and 6 inches wide
  • X-Large: 13.5 inches long and 6 inches wide

Wide shin guards offer more protection because they cover a larger portion of your lower legs. However, they can be bulky, thus slowing down your movements. Narrow shin guards are light and make it easy for you to move faster. However, you may end up with more bruises, especially if you use a low-quality shin guard. Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA) offers a variety of high-quality, durable shin guards.

Types of Shin Guards

Shin guards are divided into two broad categories depending on how they are used. Some of them are designed for Muay Thai while others are intended for mixed martial arts (MMA). The shin guards used for Muay Thai come with straps that you have to fasten around your calf, while those for MMA have a sock-like shape and cover your entire shin area.

Shin Guard Material

Shin guards may be made of either synthetic fabric or leather. While leather offers more durability and comfort, it might not be as flexible as other synthetic combinations introduced in recent years. Muay Thai shin guards are usually heavier than MMA shin guards.


The appearance of your shin guard matters. You are free to choose the colors and styles that satisfy your preferences. ProForce Lightning Shin Guards are available in five different colors.


Price is an important factor when it comes to buying shin guards. Prices vary depending on their size, quality, and brand. The amount that you want to invest in your shin guards depends on how often you will train and your commitment to your training. If you train often, it is best to invest in a high-quality pair of shin guards that will last. If you are just trying out a class or activity and are not sure if you will stick with it, a less expensive option is worth considering. AWMA’s quality shin guards are all favorably priced, and we also develop many other protective products to provide full body coverage.

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