ProForce® Ultra Tear Drop Heavy Bag


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Unique bag shape is designed for all strikes, clinching, kneeing, punching, and kicking drills, with a lower center of gravity to simulate an opponent.

Key Features

  • Bag is constructed of super-durable Japanese Cordley and reinforced stitching throughout.
  • Includes 3 nylon straps with D-rings attached.
  • Also included is a steel spring snap link to secure the bag to the beam or stand.
  • Additional shipping $50.00 ea. bag for retail orders

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Training Bags

Mixed martial arts and boxing enthusiasts find a wide assortment of training bag options from the ProForce® line available at ConnectHit. ProForce® leather double end balls and speed bags are available in six color variations: black and blue, black and fuchsia, black and green, black and red, black and yellow, and all black. In addition to leather double-end balls, the ProForce® line includes a vinyl-covered version. ConnectHit also offers vertical and horizontal heavy bags, including ProForce® tear-drop-shaped training bags and ProForce® Thunder cylindrical bags. Horizontal heavy bags, which are used by MMA fighters to practice uppercuts, are covered with vinyl or synthetic leather and available in black, blue, or red and black. The product range encompasses grappling and throwing dummies intended for adults, children, and seniors. Designed for real life take downs and throws, these practice dummies range in weight from 19 to 90 pounds. One way to get children to focus is with The Squeaky Thing focus target, which responds with a squeaky sound when hit. With hand-held and bag-mounted versions, The Squeaky Thing is available in six colors: red, black, green, blue, orange, and yellow.

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