ProForce® Target Master


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The Target Master features 4 adjustable 19″ long paddles for multi angle strikes. Reinforced with steel flexible spring coils, the Target Master springs to life after every strike. With a plastic base measuring 24″ in diameter and an overall height of 60″ the Target Master is perfect for training. Fill the base with sand or water to keep it weighed down for secure striking. Approximately 130 lbs. total when base is filled. Some assembly required. Not for outdoor use. *ADDITIONAL SHIPPING APPLIES.


Key Features

  • Designed for multi angle strikes
  • 4 adjustable 19″ long target pads
  • Reinforced springs
  • Plastic base can be filled with water or sand
  • 24″x 10″ base
  • Total overall height is 60″
  • Approximately 130 lbs. total when base is filled.
  • Not for outdoor use

Click here for the assembly instructions.

ProForce® Target Master

ProForce® Target Master is a new form of striking conditioning which creates the ultimate target training setup for you. The purpose behind this design is to showcase the multiple angle target pads in order to focus on the user’s mobility and precision striking. These rods have been set up to duplicate punching a focus mitt, by offering a slight reaction thanks to the springs. Each pad has been set up specifically to replicate different angle of striking, allowing the user to throw any punch, kick, elbow or any combination while moving swiftly around the ProForce® Target Master. This truly unique freestanding bag. 4 adjustable positioned striking pads, 24” inch base making this for a total of 60” tall and when filled, about 130 pounds.