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ProForce® Strong-Arm II Training Target


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Like the original Strong-Arm (SKU #81302), the Strong-Arm II is designed to fasten onto free standing or hanging bags with the adjustable hook and loop closure, providing a snug fit every time. Practice trapping, blocking, bobbing, weaving and many more techniques with this portable, versatile attachment. Also aids in practicing with bos, escrimas, nunchuakus and other weapon strikes. Strong-Arm II is lightweight yet truly lives up to its name by being extremely durable. A great aid for solo training as well as line drills. Instructors can now make corrections while the student strikes the Strong-Arm II, leaving more time for teaching proper form.


Key Features

  • Designed to fasten onto free standing or hanging bags
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Fits Powerline and 2XL Wavemasters


Training Equipment- Freestanding Bag Accessories

Prepare yourself physically for your next competition by using freestanding bag accessories. The ProForce® Strong-Arm Training Target from ConnectHit is strategically designed to fasten onto freestanding or hanging bags. Even though they are lightweight, these training targets are extremely durable, and are a perfect fit for cardio and kicking. They are available in dual-color combinations (black and red) in small and large sizes. The ProForce® Strong-Arm II Training Target is also lightweight, but still lives up to its name by being exceptionally durable. Weaving, bobbing, blocking, and trapping are some of the techniques you could practice with this equipment. The ProForce® Strong-Leg Training Target is perfect to practice your various techniques by placing the strong leg at any place on the training bag. This training equipment is portable and versatile. The ProForce® Paddle Clapper Target is bigger than a hand-held paddle and has additional padding. It is ideal for practicing all sorts of crescent kicks. This type of training equipment makes clear, distinct sounds when struck, and can be fastened at any height on large or medium-sized bags. All freestanding bag accessories for training provided by the Asian World of Martial Arts are excellent for solo training as well as line drills.

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