ProForce® Long Sleeve Rash Guard


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The ProForce® long sleeve rashguard is perfect for Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts training. The poly/spandex fiber is built to withstand punishment and provide moisture management for long training sessions. A compression fit design provides comfort and superior moisture management that helps to keep you cool & dry. Also features a bird’s-eye knit jacquard and side seam and underarm contrast panels. Contrast cover stitched throughout.

– Features high-quality Hayabusa Compression fabric for ultimate comfort and flexibility.
– Developed with flatlock stitching to prevent chafing and fiber-fused graphics for uncompromised durability.
– Designed to guard against cuts, scrapes, rashes and keep your body dry and muscles warm.


Key Features

  • ProForce® Long Sleeve Rashguard
  • Poly/spandex fiber is built to withstand punishment
  • Compression fit design
  • Bird’s-eye knit jacquard and side seam
  • Contrast cover stitched throughout

MMA Rashguards & Apparel

In mixed martial arts, most apparel may be optional. However, there are some garments that can fulfill an important purpose for the fighter. Shorts are obvious since they allow for fast and easy maneuvering. Most shorts come in lightweight materials, which help diminish any drag. Some fabrics may be too hot or scratchy for athletes with sensitive skin, so this must be taken into consideration when choosing the proper fighting gear. Another piece of clothing that can be a lifesaver is a rashguard. As the name states, this helps prevent any rashes which could stem from friction burns. Effective rashguards are also essential for athletes who tend to perspire a lot. This prevents them from coming into contact with undesirable surfaces, thus eliminating any risks of developing any undesirable rash. This gear comes in a wide array of designs. Some are long- or short-sleeved, depending on the approach of the fighter. Any person practicing MMA can choose from popular sizes, which may vary from 26 inches to 42 inches. There is a virtually unlimited variety of materials and brands that will help the experienced or amateur athlete with their discipline.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

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