Proforce® II TKD Shin Guard




– Double layer of curved foam padding.
– Vinyl cover with soft inner lining.
– Two adjustable elastic hook and loop closure straps and one flexible elastic band for a snug fit.
– Designed for Taekwondo but suitable for all training styles.
– Seven sizes are available.

Shin/Instep/Forearm Protective Gear

Keep your arms and legs protected during practice by wearing shin, instep, and forearm protective gear appropriate for your training setup. Most martial arts training sessions require significant impact to and use of your arms and legs as you develop new skills and spar. But certain parts of your arms and legs can’t absorb the impact of a training session and require a little extra protection. That’s where forearm, shin, and instep protective gear comes in handy. Forearm guards keep your wrists safe from punches delivered by a partner, or from a punch or chop that lands awkwardly on your intended surface. Shin guards protect your shins from stray kicks that you might receive during a sparring match. Combine shin/instep protective gear covers your entire kicking area to help you hone your kicking. You can select from a variety of training guards for your forearms, shins, and instep, and find sizing appropriate for your shape so that guards stay in place.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 in

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