NKF “USA Karate” Leg Protector w/Instep Guard II




Need a little more coverage over the instep than our regular leg protector can provide? Then you need this durable shin guard complete with a removable vinyl covered foot guard. Elastic bands around heel and under foot help prevent slippage. USANKF approved.


Every athlete needs a proper safety gear in order to continue their physical routine. Injuries are fairly common, especially when the sport of choice entails taking and receiving direct impacts. When it comes to human contact sports, ConnectHit has a variety of leg protectors suited for every level. Karate is a discipline that requires balance and defensive stances. The main characteristic of a leg protector is its durable shin guard, which will protect the muscle. The NKF USA Karate Leg Protector w/Instep Guard II has a removable vinyl-covered foot guard, which is ideal for fast and lasting movements. Its elastic backing goes around the foot and the standard color is white. Made out of durable materials, this is a popular choice among the inventory available at ConnectHit since it doesn’t bulk up and doesn’t compromise performance. Sizes vary from X-Small to X-Large. This is a suitable complement for an exhaustive sparring routine for both amateur and seasoned martial artists. Safety should come always first, and leg protectors are a must-have item in every gym bag.

Key Features

  • Durable shin guard
  • Removable vinyl covered foot guard
  • Elastic backing that runs length of guard and around foot
  • Approved by NKF / USA Karate.


NKF Shin/Instep Guard Sizing Chart

Size Shin Boot
X-Small 11″ 8″
Small 11-3/4″ 9″
Medium 12-3/4″ 9-1/2″
Large 13-1/4″ 10-1/4″
X-Large 13-1/2″ 11″

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 in

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