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Learn stances, block, thrusts and strikes, kicks and so much more!

This book takes you through your first weeks as a karate student – from how to put on your gi (karate uniform) and tie your belt, to how to address your sensei (karate teacher) and act in the dojo (karate school).

As you progress in your karate class, the colorful illustrations in this book will help you practice your techniques until you’re ready to advance to higher rankings.

Robin L. Rielly began training in the Japanese martial arts in 1959. He holds a seventh-degree black belt in Shotokan karate from the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF), and a second-degree black belt in Shin Kage Ryu jujutsu from the Kobukan School in Yokohama, Japan. A graduate of the JKA Instructors’ Training Institute, he is qualified as an official instructor, examiner, and tournament judge. He is the author of Karate Basics.

By Robin L. Rielly. Hardcover, 48 pages.

Key Features

  • Learn stances, block, thrusts and strikes.
  • By Robin L. Rielly. Hardcover.
  • 48 pages.

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Training to become a world-class fighter or learning a new fighting style for exercise means gaining knowledge both inside and outside the ring. Sparring and fighting in professional bouts gives fighters a first-hand perspective of their strengths and weaknesses while spending time outside the ring reading about technique and idols can help to inspire and develop further. At Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA), we feature books and accessories to continue your training, even when you aren’t at the gym. Start by choosing a book that features your desired fighting style whether you’re into karate, Taekwondo or Chi Sau. You can also choose from regional styles including Japanese, Chinese and Filipino mixed martial arts. Many of our instructional books feature special techniques through instructional text and clear photographs. Learn about some of the intricate fighting technique like Sinawali. We also have book series available at AWMA that feature installments explaining techniques of karate from basic kata and Kumite to Meikyo and Gojushiho. If you are inspired by certain martial artists, read books that feature their fighting methods and how they approached combat sports.

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