Heavy Bag Hanger


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Extra heavy duty heavy bag wall hanger for serious punching! Heavy bag hangs approximately 26 inches from the wall. Made of 3″ tubular steel. Holds up to 70 lbs. Heavy bag not included. Additional shipping charges apply to this item due to its size and/or weight.

Key Features

  • Heavy Bag Hanger
  • Hangs approximately 26 inches from the wall
  • Made of 3″ tubular steel
  • Heavy bag not included

Heavy Bag Hanger

When purchasing a boxing training bag from ConnectHit, consider the location where it is going to be installed. As these training bags are heavy, they must be hung from a platform that allows for freedom of movement and that doesn’t compromise surroundings. The Heavy Bag Hanger installs easily onto any wall stud or strongly supported surface. It hangs 26 inches away from the wall and is constructed of 3-inch tubular steel, which ensures continuous training and easy access to the bag. It holds ups to 70 pounds and is an option when training at home or as part of the professional equipment at your local gym. It is designed to be a durable solution for fighters in training. Be advised that extra shipping charges from ConnectHit apply to the Heavy Bag Hanger due to its size and weight. The heavy bag is not included, although it can be bought together with one, such as the 70-pound or 100-pound ProForce® Thunder Heavy Bag or the 100-pound ProForce® Vinyl Tear Drop Heavy Bag.

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