Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method – The Complete Edition


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Intended as an instructional document to complement Lee’s foundational Tao of Jeet Kune Do, this restored and enhanced edition of Fighting Method breathes new life into hallowed pages with digitally remastered photography and a painstakingly refurbished interior design for improved instructional clarity.

In addition, this elegant and comprehensive hardcover edition presents all the photographs, illustrations and text from the original four books-Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Volume 1: Self-Defense Techniques; Volume 2: Basic Training; Volume 3: Skill in Techniques; and Volume 4: Advanced Techniques-while featuring new material that includes:

– 900+ digitally enhanced images
– a new chapter on the Five Ways of Attack penned by famed first generation student Ted Wong
– an analytical introduction by Shannon Lee that helps readers contextualize the origin and evolution of her father’s work

Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition passes o the innovations of the 20th century’s most influential fighter, showing readers how to execute and advanced jeet kune do techniques and become the ultimate warrior. It is an integral part of the Bruce Lee canon and a necessary addition for all collectors and martial arts enthusiasts alike!

BRUCE LEE began his martial arts journey with wing chun, be he intensively studied various martial arts and theories throughout his life. After years of focused training and study, Lee matured into a philosopher, technician and innovator of marital arts. All these factors especially played a part when Lee created jeet kune do, the way of the intercepting fist, which is the focus and foundation of his Fighting Method series.

M. UYEHARA is a longtime aikido practitioner and the founder of Black Belt magazine, for which he served as the owner for more than 30 years. During Black Belt’s early years, Uyehara studied jeet kune do under Bruce Lee. He was responsible for compiling the original four-volume Fighting Method.

Key Features

  • Vividly illustrating the techniques of a legendary innovator, this definitive examination explains how to survive attacks on the street, increase training awareness, and develop body movements.
  • 450 pgs.

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