Bruce Lee: Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon


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The first compilation of Bruce Lee photographs published in association with the Bruce Lee estate. This book reveals the full range of Lee’s talents. It includes rare photosspanning from his early stage career in Hong Kong to his worldwide success as an actor and martial arts phenomenon. Selected with the assistance of Lee’s widow, Linda Lee Cadwell, Bruce Lee expert John Little presents a photographic record, accompanied bydecriptive commentary, of all facets of this fascinating man, from the start of his career to his untimely death a quarter century ago. Included are photos from Bruce’s personalfamily photos, from his childhood years, through the early years in Hollywood, to the peak of his career as an international star.
On the 60th anniversary of his birth, Lee remains a legendary figure of our time, and this comprehensive collection of photographs will be a must-have for all of Lee’s millions of devoted followers.
Illustrations: 176 color and b&w photos
200 Pages


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