Beyond the Lion’s Den


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Beyond the Lion’s Den by Ken Shamrock and Erich Krauss. Ken Shamrock – legendary martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer, Superfight Champion, KIng of the Pancrase, and WWF superstar- continues to dominate no-holds-barred ultimate fighting competitions with a career record of 26-8-2. In this new book Ken stares the personal stories behind his wins and losses-from his feuds with Royce Gracie in Japan’s Pancrase, and his run-ins with the WWF’s Nasty Boys, to his victory ove Kimo Leopoldo in UFC 48. This book presents Hamrock’s popular “shoot fighting” style- often described as a street version of Brazilian Jujitsu. With over 500 color photographs revealing the secrets begind 70 of Shamrock’s most effective techniques, this book presents a complete and ultra-efficient submission fighting system. Paperback 8.5×11


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