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It doesn't matter if you're in it to get in better shape, a rookie just getting started or an experienced fighter stepping once again into the cage, the right MMA gear is essential. Hitting the gym without the proper MMA equipment like mouth guards, MMA gloves, and hand wraps is a good way to get hurt. You need to protect yourself with quality headgear, knee and elbow pads, and shin guards.

High quality MMA gloves and awesome hand wraps are essential to both seasoned MMA pros and beginners just starting out in the sport. Together, wraps and gloves are the most important piece of MMA gear you can buy. In addition to gloves and wraps, you will also need gear for other aspects of your MMA training. Thai pads, heavy bags, speed bags, punch mitts and training dummies are vital to MMA training and will help improve power, endurance, speed and reflexes.

MMA is a fun, rewarding sport for pros, amateurs and fitness junkies alike, but the right equipment is needed and the correct safety steps need to be taken to protect you from injuries. Find all of the gear, equipment and apparel you'll need, right here at ConnectHit MMA Shop.
ECO Fight Shorts
These shorts are completely blank except for the front closure patch. They are great for adding sponsors and/or team logos....
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